HTTP request method uses fopen function to retrieve the url.

Requires PHP version greater than 4.3.0 for stream support. Does not allow for $context support, but should still be okay, to write the headers, before getting the response. Also requires that 'allow_url_fopen' to be enabled.

package WordPress
subpackage HTTP
since 2.7.0


Send a HTTP request to a URI using fopen().

request(string $url, \str|array $args = array()) : array

This transport does not support sending of headers and body, therefore should not be used in the instances, where there is a body and headers.

Notes: Does not support non-blocking mode. Ignores 'redirection' option.

see For default options descriptions.
access public
since 2.7.0




URI resource.



Optional. Override the defaults.


array'headers', 'body', 'cookies' and 'response' keys.

Whether this class can be used for retrieving an URL.

test($args = array()) : boolean
since 2.7.0




booleanFalse means this class can not be used, true means it can.