Type Line Description
todo 330 Implement.


Type Line Description
todo 19 Use settings API
todo 108 Use settings API
todo 271 Use settings API


Type Line Description
todo 124 warnings for control characters
todo 136 warnings for control characters


Type Line Description
todo 22 Break this apart into each applicable Component.


Type Line Description
todo 627 Deprecate
todo 669 Deprecate
todo 1356 Audit return types


Type Line Description
todo 48 Use settings API
todo 299 Use settings API when it supports saving network settings


Type Line Description
todo 413 Move to members component?


Type Line Description
todo 603 Deprecate.
todo 617 Deprecate.
todo 637 Deprecate.
todo 651 Deprecate.
todo 924 Properly deprecate in favor of bp_activity_type() and remove redundant echo
todo 939 Properly deprecate in favor of bp_get_activity_type().
todo 1697 properly deprecate this function.
todo 1712 properly deprecate this function.
todo 2027 deprecate $args param
todo 2045 deprecate $args param
todo 2045 Given that checks for children already happen in bp_activity_recurse_comments(), this function can probably be streamlined or removed.
todo 3857 properly deprecate in favor of bp_member_activity_feed_link().
todo 3915 properly deprecate in favor of bp_get_member_activity_feed_link().


Type Line Description
todo 266 Deprecate.
todo 1254 Deprecate.
todo 1851 Why do we have this wrapper?
todo 1882 There appears to be a bug in the return value on success.


Type Line Description
todo 128 Improve error message output


Type Line Description
todo 31 Support untrashing better.


Type Line Description
todo 890 Move markup to template part in: /members/single/messages/search.php


Type Line Description
todo 36 We should probably do something similar to BP_Component::start().
todo 36 If this is only intended to be extended, it should be abstract.


Type Line Description
todo 262 This output isn't localised correctly.


Type Line Description
todo 2016 Deprecate.
todo 2041 Deprecate.
todo 2058 Deprecate.
todo 2465 Remove in 1.4
todo 2573 Deprecate.
todo 5467 Deprecate?
todo 5488 Deprecate?


Type Line Description
todo 105 Add convenience links into the markup once new positions are finalized.
todo 660 Make this part of the BP_Component class and split into each component.


Type Line Description
todo 43 Is this used anywhere? Is this a duplicate of $default_extension?


Type Line Description
todo 650 `bp_activity_set_action()` should be improved to include a supports argument or best we should create a `bp_register_activity_type()` function to mimic the way WordPress registers post types. For now we'll use a non extendable workaround.
todo 3130 Why is an activity id required? We could look this up.
todo 3130 Why do we encourage users to call this function directly? We could just as easily examine the activity type in bp_activity_delete() and then call this function with the proper arguments if necessary.
todo 3641 We should probably save $source to activity meta.
todo 4120 Support untrashing better.


Type Line Description
todo 70 Move this into bp-nouveau/includes/friends/template-tags.php once we'll need other friends template tags.
todo 147 Dismiss button re-worked to try and prevent buttons on general BP template notices - Nouveau user_feedback key needs review.
todo 1883 28/09/17 added 'empty( $text )' check to $object query as it wasn't returning output as expected & not returning user set params This may require further examination - hnla


Type Line Description
todo 1129 We should remove this. No one is going to upgrade from v1.1, right?


Type Line Description
todo 266 Mark as deprecated


Type Line Description
todo 50 sorting


Type Line Description
todo 355 Use settings API and audit these methods.
todo 630 split and move into blog and forum components.
todo 653 Move into groups component.


Type Line Description
todo 1442 Move to a back-compat file?
todo 2490 This should be properly escaped.
todo 2522 This should be properly escaped.
todo 2590 Should be properly escaped.
todo 2658 Should be properly escaped.
todo 2690 Should be properly escaped.
todo 2891 Remove this function. Echoing a bool is pointless.


Type Line Description
todo 797 replace with Ajax feature
todo 809 replace with Ajax featur


Type Line Description
todo 382 Spam counter?
todo 382 Auto-delete old spam?
todo 643 Update activity meta to allow >1 record with the same key (iterate through $history).


Type Line Description
todo 460 This function assumes that items with the user_id in the item_id slot are associated with that user. However, this will only be true with certain components (such as Friends). Use with caution!
todo 609 This function assumes that items with the user_id in the item_id slot are associated with that user. However, this will only be true with certain components (such as Friends). Use with caution!


Type Line Description
todo 25 Add dynamic menu items for group extensions.


Type Line Description
todo 824 Move bp-default to wordpress.org/extend/themes and remove this.


Type Line Description
todo 563 Optimize this function.
todo 721 Why is this in the Friends component?
todo 819 Why does this exist, and why is it in bp-friends?
todo 865 Why does this exist, and why is it in bp-friends?
todo 907 Why does this exist, and why is it in bp-friends?
todo 972 Need to do a group component check before using group functions.


Type Line Description
todo 283 This function is too large and needs refactoring and reviewing.


Type Line Description
todo 38 Why do we call wp_print_styles()?
todo 60 Why is this here and not in a properly enqueued file?


Type Line Description
todo 22 Deprecate WP 3.2 Toolbar compatibility when we drop 3.2 support.


Type Line Description
todo 74 Deprecate
todo 140 Deprecate
todo 204 Deprecate


Type Line Description
todo 479 Add support for footer chunked headers.
todo 1560 The WordPress convention is to use underscores instead of camelCase for function and method names. Need to switch to use underscores instead for the methods.


Type Line Description
todo 116 Deprecate.
todo 184 Deprecate.
todo 327 Deprecate.
todo 505 Deprecate.
todo 713 Deprecate.
todo 724 Deprecate.
todo 1129 Deprecate. It doesn't make any sense to echo a boolean.
todo 2900 How is this functionally different from bp_is_group()?