Type Line Description
todo 205 add data for easier generation of error messages


Type Line Description
todo 138 different errors for different upload conditions
todo 215 add id check as a validation rule


Type Line Description
todo 29 days, months, decimals, quotes
todo 694 .


Type Line Description
todo 517 Include default type handling. For example dates 0000-00-00 should be set to null


Type Line Description
todo 116 Either implement in a secure way or mark as unsupported.
todo 130 Either implement in a secure way or mark as unsupported.


Type Line Description
todo 133 pass some args to pre/after_create?
todo 162 pass the update args to after/pre_save?
todo 163 only call it if the slug or parent project were changed
todo 265 do it with one query. Use the tree generation code from GP_Route_Main::_options_from_projects()
todo 323 Cache the results. Invalidation is tricky, because on each project update we need to invalidate the cache for all of its children.


Type Line Description
todo 243 Validate if the HTML is in the same order in function of the language. Validate nesting of HTML is same.
todo 629 Check that the number of each type of placeholders are the same in the original and in the translation


Type Line Description
todo 294 something more flexible than
todo 462 mark which nodes are editable by the current user


Type Line Description
todo 15 add more meta data in the project: language team, report URL.